How To Better Understand Java Garbage Collection

Understanding the Java Garbage Collection Concept is one of the most important steps towards developing any reliable Java application, with good performance. A typical modern Java Virtual Machine (JVM) uses several different types of garbage collectors. “Garbage Collection” as the name suggests, is used to remove the objects that are no…

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Progressive Web App Development - How To Get Amazing Results

Progressive Web Apps provide an extraordinary experience for your existing and potential customers, by combining the best features of the web and of native mobile apps. A progressive web app is useful to your customers from the very first visit in a browser, no installation is required. As your customers progressively build a relationship with your…

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18 Android Shorthand Phone Codes for Configuration and Information

Android Shorthand Phone Codes

To use a chosen code, you have to enter it just like you are entering a number that you want to call, and then press the green “Call” button. Yes, it is that simple. IMEI Number – *#06# FTA Software Version –##1111## Enter Service Menu On Newer Phones – #0# Detailed Camera Information –##34971539## Backup All Media Files –##27328225566328…

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