Android App Development
With rapid the increase in the number of mobile devices, native mobile applications have become the de facto standard for the largest number of users on the planet. Android reigns supreme as the 1 operating system, being the most popular mobile platform on the market today. It is open source, user friendly and flexible.

Android mobile apps are available for every vertical market you can imagine, including shopping, news, local events, banking, sports, blogging, social media, you name it. If there is any task that can be done on a mobile device phone/tablet - there is strong likelihood that a Android app is available to do it.

An increasing number of smart business are leveraging the Android platform to bring in more revenue through the mobile channel with their Android apps.

If you have not launched your Android application yet, or are hesitant in doing so, here are some reasons that will help you to realize the potential benefits of Android app development.

Brand Recognition

We know that the number of Android users is the largest of all mobile devices and that they visit Google's playstore to download apps. By your app being visible in the Google playstore, many Android users get to know about your brand and this is without them even having to download your app. Having an app on the playstore can greatly increase your brand's exposure to a large number of people.

Mobile Channel Revenue

As many more people are going mobile, businesses need to cater to their requirements and come up with innovative apps that differentiate them from their competitors. Analytics depict that Android reached a new milestone when it grabbed 85% market share with more than 1 billion Android OS devices shipped. This vast number of users make the perfect market for your mobile app, bringing in greater revenue.

Mobile Marketing

A mobile app is an effective marketing channel for your customers, in terms of notifying them about sales and discounts, new products and services etc., directly to a device that many people have with them constantly. Also, push notifications through the app, act as reminders and tools for maintaining constant contact. As they say, customer engagement is the key to customer loyalty.

Cost Effective

Android enables you to benefit from a high return on investment, as it is open source and available to use free of cost. An application developed for the Android platform is one that you will own and be able to reach the largest number of users with, resulting in the least cost per active user. However, to ensure the quality of your app, you should choose your mobile app development company wisely, and ensure they have experience and are able to develop and help you to market your Android app effectively.

Enterprise Mobility

You can enjoy the benefits of Android applications not only as your consumer product but as your in-house administrative / management system as well. The rising trend in mobility, is not just in the consumer domain but the enterprise domain as well. Enterprise mobility enables your company to access business critical information at anytime from anywhere and it's time that your business enjoyed it's primary advantages : Efficiency and Agility.

All business operations such as customer information, inventory management, asset management etc. can be implemented via mobile applications. Even real time business insights through reports can be obtained. Customization plays a vital role here as you want an application that is customized to your particular business requirements.

Just about every business has a website these days. A mobile presence, on the Android platform helps you not only differentiate yourself with respect to your peers, but build new channels for sales, marketing and customer engagement. Investing in Android app development can be one of the most important and fruitful decision you make for your business.

When you are ready, get in touch to learn more about getting a custom Android App developed for your business.