Java Web App FAQ

Why Java?

Java is a staple of enterprise computing. More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Java.

Android apps are predominantly developed using Java.

Java is fast because the Java virtual machine continually analyses program performance for hot spots which are executed frequently or repeatedly.These are then targeted for optimizing, leading to high performance execution with a minimum of overhead for less performance-critical code. Some benchmarks show a 10-fold speed gain by this means.

Java is platform Independent, which means java can run on any computer regardless of the hardware and software. Because of the Java virtual Machine(JVM), Java applications are write-once-run-anywhere.

The JVM is the most complete of any application VM out there: it’s cross-platform, open-source, extremely fast, verifies the bytecode for safety, hosts both statically and dynamically typed languages, provides automatic memory management and it’s tunable at runtime.

Java is backwards compatible. Java applications written more than 10 years ago will still run today without modifications.

Java Is a Secure Language. In Java, you cannot access out-of-bound arrays, and you don't have pointers, and thus several security flaws like stack corruption or buffer overflow is impossible to exploit in Java.

How do I get a custom Java web application developed?

Contact us with your requirements and preference in terms of functionality and user interface.